Bradcot has been manufacturing awnings for over 50 Years. During that time we have found that many problems associated with awnings can be avoided by following these simple tips;

On many new caravans, tyre black is applied to the tyres and grease is applied to the corner steadies prior to delivery, both of which are very difficult, if not impossible to remove from your awning. To avoid your awning coming into contact with either of these it is good practice to fit the draught cloth and wheel arch cover  to the caravan before attempting the erection of your awning.

Awning roofs are often damaged by the ground conditions of the site, especially on hard standing. It is good practice to lay out a clean ground sheet first on which to open out the awning canvas.

When threading your awning canvas into the caravan's channel always have an assistant at the feed-in point to ensure that no canvas parts are allowed to enter into that channel. If other canvas parts are allowed to enter this rail it will jam and will most certainly damage the canvas.

Always keep the awning's original packaging. This is always handy for winter storage and is essential should you ever have the need to return your awning to us in the future. 

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How long is my product guaranteed?

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Most of our products are fully guaranteed for a period of 36 months from date of purchase (12 months for "Aspire" models and 12 months for "Residencia" or any model supplied for "Seasonal Pitch" use).  The guarantee is at the discretion of Bradcot UK and does not cover defects arising from accidental damage, misuse or wear and tear, and is available only to the original purchaser. It is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your consumer statutory rights.

What should I do if I have a faulty part or a part is missing?

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If a part becomes faulty within the 3 years guarantee period, please email our Customer Services Team at [email protected] and we will be pleased to despatch a replacement part free of charge.  Please state where and when the product was purchased and which part needs replacing.

What guarantees come with a Bradcot awning?

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Most Bradcot awnings, Air Inflated awnings, porches and annexes are covered by our comprehensive 3 year manufacturer's warranty and a 5 year "UV Degradation" warranty when used as a "touring awning" only. 

We also offer a 10 year "Fade Resist" manufacturer's warranty (side walls only) on Classic 50 acrylic models. 

There are exceptions, these being the Residencia 50 and Modus XL which are designated as seasonal pitch awnings and our Aspire models, all of which have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty only.

"Air" inflated models have a "LifeTime" (life of the awning) warranty on the inflation tubes when used as a "touring awning". This warranty covers repair or, where necessary, replacement of the inflation tube system following a failure of the material or manufacturing process only. Charges will be applied for collection, inspection and delivery if the anwing is outside the 3 year manufacturers warranty.  Any damage caused by mis-use, over inflation or piercing of the tube membrane are not covered by this or any other warranty. 

What is covered by the guarantee?

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All materials and workmanship used in the manufacture of the product are covered against manufacturing defects/faults. Additionally, on applicable models, we guarantee the side walls of acrylic models will not markedly fade. 

Must I register my purchase to qualify?

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No, you have no need to register the product. However, if you choose to register your purchase with us within 28 days of purchase (proof of purchase may be required), we will award 1 year accidental damage cover.

What is not covered under the guarantee?

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Any damage or failure of the product due to adverse weather conditions (storm damage), misuse, malicious intent or fair wear and tear. Leakage on seams is covered but only following a reasonable period of "weathering". (All seams are susceptible to leaks when new and need to weather in order for the thread used in manufacture to swell within stitch holes.) 

In respect of "Air" inflated models:  Damage caused by mis-use, over inflation or piercing of the tube membrane are not covered by any warranty. 

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